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Lou Rolls

by | 23rd, November 2005

‘IN our new TV show, we get to vote for which reality TV show judge we want to see humiliated in public.

Simon says ‘Shut up’

First up is Louis Walsh. He’s the man who gave every wannabe singer hope when he founded Westlife, a band more middle of the road than a dead hedgehog.

And there goes Louis. He’s just walked off the set of TV’s X Factor after fellow judge Simon Cowell called him an “idiot” and “bland”, and judge Sharon Osbourne splashed him with three glasses of water for comments he made about her husband Ozzy.

Speaking in the Sun (“LOUIS WALKS”), the Irish impresario explains all: “The final straw was Sharon with the water and being booed by the audience and then Simon Cowell saying I was an idiot and stupid.” That’s three final straws. And don’t forget “bland”.

But over in the Star, Cowell is unbowed. Asked if he was considering replacing Louis on the show, Cowell, appearing on TV, was blunt: “It would be difficult to find someone else that stupid.”

Only, of course, it would not be. Just as there are thousands of wannabe singers ready to be ridiculed on national TV for a fleeting shot at fame, there must be a ready supply of opinionated, judgemental types keen to be on the telly.

Just stick an advert up in the House of Commons…’

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