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by | 25th, November 2005

‘ARE you gay? If you are, can you please pop down to the offices of Teignbridge District Council, Devon, and show them what you look like.

A Teignbridge councillor and friend

Try not to be offended if the burghers take body measurements, question your musical tastes and ask which of the characters in TV’s Desperate Housewives you most empathise with.

It’s just that the good man and women of that borough have no idea what a homosexual looks like. As the Mail says, they’ve been looking for one for the past three years, spending £3,000 on the hunt.

The plan was for a market research company to track down minority groups living in the region and check if they had equality to local services.

But no gays were found. The Mail fails to say whether or not the council spotted member of other niche groups, and the fear is that the likes of Samantha Davis Junior, the area’s only one-eyed, black, Jewish lesbian, could still be awaiting classification.

So please, if you are gay, head down to Teignbridge and show the council and the area’s 120,000 residents what you look like.

And if they stare, try not to be afraid. They know no better…’

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