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Archer’s Aim

by | 28th, November 2005

‘HOW our hearts skip. After too long away, Jeffrey Archer is making a bid to return to the Tory Party.

A politician you can trust

Over the weekend, we leant that the disgraced peer, expelled from the party for five years in 2000, wants to rejoin. He even wants to take the Tory whip in the Lords.

Sounds good to us. It would be refreshing to have a proven liar in the corridors of power instead of those we simply suspect of being economical with the truth.

With Archer around, we’d know where we were.

But Archer’s comeback seems to be reliant on which David becomes the party’s next leader.

Cameron tells the Telegraph that he doesn’t think it would be “appropriate” for Archer to receive the whip.

On the other hand, a spokesman for Davis says: “David does not believe that we should rush to judgement on this.”

If Archer wants the whip, we should hear him out. It would be good to have someone we could rely on in politics…’

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