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by | 1st, December 2005

‘YESTERDAY we introduced you to Saffron Drewitt-Barlow (see Anorak “Daddy’s Girl”), “THE MOST SPOILT KIDS IN BRITIAN”.

‘Rapunzel! If you don’t let down your hair this instant, there’ll be no new pony and gold carriage for you’

We then pointed out that what is spoilt to the British is the norm to our American cousins. What our Armani and Jake demand, Brad and Harley expect.

And today the Express brings us the ultimate Wendy House. It costs £40,000 and, as the paper says, is “taking rich American families by storm”.

These starter homes feature flat-screen TVs, plumbing, fitted carpets, wooden floors, telephones, dinning tables and driveways on which your precious little bundle of taffeta and diamonds can park her miniature pink Corvette.

The house, 8ft high and 10ft wide, comes in a range of themes. The Hawaiian-themed tropical tree house comes with bamboo flooring, hardwood windows, thatched roof and an outdoor hammock.

Young ski bums can hang out in a chalet. The Jack and Jill playhouse has a video games machine and a fountain. The beachside drive-in features a film screen, theatre, loft and popcorn maker.

These houses are just great. But hold on a moment! This will never do. We’ve looked but we can’t see the maid’s quarters anywhere…’

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