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King David

by | 5th, December 2005

‘BLUE is the colour for David Cameron, who stands on the verge of becoming the next Tory leader.

Not more Tory bastards

Blue is also the hue of Cameron’s blood, or at least the part of it the Telegraph traces back to King George III.

The less than kind among you might point out that the third King George has long had his sanity questioned. But we say that madness is often the sign of genius, and, in any case, who in their right mind would want to be the Conservative’s fifth leader in eight years?

It also turns out that Cameron is Williams IV’s great, great, great, great grandson. And whisper it quietly, but this link is rooted in one Elizabeth FitzClarence, the King’s illegitimate daughter, born of Dorothy Jordan, the King’s mistress, and sometime actress.

What’s more, Dave’s wife Samantha’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother was none other then “pretty, witty’ Nell Gwyn, Charles II’s mistress, and also an actress.

What this all means is debatable. But if Cameron gets the nod, it surely bodes well for the monarchy, the performing arts and single mums…’

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