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Tally Ho!

by | 6th, December 2005

‘OUR first thought on hearing that a creature with red fur and a large bushy tail has been found in Borneo is to summon the hunt, mass the hounds and sound the bugle. To the rainforests of Borneo, brave hunters. Tally ho!

‘Come to Borneo, they said. You’ll be alright here, they said. No hounds here, they said…’

But before the good gents and gels of the Beaufort Hunt saddle up, the Telegraph wants to know what this quarry is?

Stephan Wulffraat, a biologist coordinating the World Wildlife Fund research on the animal, says: “We showed the photo of the animal to locals…but nobody had even seen it before.”

It’s a new critter, the first new carnivore to have been discovered in the area since the Tonkin otter-civet poked its head in front of a camera lens in 1930, and the first to be discovered on the island since the Borneo ferret-badger debuted in 1835.

But the bad news is that it might not be around for too much longer. The Times hears the Indonesian Government say that this year 1.8 million hectares of forest, an area half the size of the Netherlands, will be cleared for palm oil plantations.

No sooner has this creature been found then it’s engendered by man. And if the loggers don’t get it, the hounds just might…’

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