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Pilot Error

by | 8th, December 2005

‘EVER sat on a train and wondered what’s going on in the cockpit?

All change

Well, now, thanks to the Sun, we know. Forget any ideas you have of the proud driver pulling out of the station dressed in smart overalls and cap.

And fill your mind with a picture of the typical rail employee stark naked, flashing his colleagues on other services and taking photos of himself as he pilots the train along a track.

One train driver on the route between Sheffield and London’s St Pancras has been caught behaving in just such a fashion.

And rail company Midland Mainline says he’s not the only one. The flashing driver has been sacked, but a further five divers are said to have been involved in such stunts.

An insider says that the drivers got up to all sorts of pranks. “It’s like playing Russian roulette with passenger’ lives,” they say.

But can we not find a shred of sympathy for these drivers? Going along the track day in day out cannot be the most stimulating job.

And stripping off makes a change from their usual game – seeing who can go the slowest…’

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