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A Klass Act

by | 8th, December 2005

‘WHEN we first heard of happy slapping – the habit of smashing a stranger in the face and taking photos of the attack on a mobile phone – we were in disbelief.

Not a happy slapper

How had such a teenage trend escaped the boffins who think up reality TV shows? Surely if ever there was a programme that demanded to be made it was Celebrity Happy Slap.

The show has yet to be piloted, and Anthea Turner has still to be approached about the presenter’s job, but the Sun says reality TV product Myleene Klass is auditioning.

The “terrified” singer has been the victim of a happy slap. Myleene was understandably shaken up when a gang of five slappers tipped a bag of chips over her head and then tried to take photos.

Or publicity stills, as they that know call them…’

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