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Robot Wars

by | 16th, December 2005

‘WHERE London’s Docklands light Railways leads the RAF follows.

What a robot pilot could look like

Just as the DLR has done away with drivers, the trains controlled by some mysterious, unseen force as they meander down the line, the RAF is preparing to launch unmanned aerial vehicles.

These UAVs, as the Express says, will be able to fly longer and drop bombs with a rare precision.

While there is something deeply sinister about a robot dropping explosives on the heads of human beings, defence procurement minister Lord Drayson thinks it’s terrific.

He says pressing on with a UAV programme will “give us far better insight into the full potential UAV can offer in what is likely to be a significant growth market”.

Charming. And note how easily the language of the marketing man sits with the concept of robots killing people. And how the project is reminiscent of the German doodlebugs that brought terror to London in 1944.

So here’s to the future. Take her up, C3PO. Fire at will…’

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