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by | 17th, December 2005

‘THERE’S safety in numbers. That’s why the papers love them. Here are some things we learned last week…

4 – National Centre for Social Research says four in 10 of us will retire on just a basic state pension

6 – Government says six in every hundred of us are gay

12 – A prison medic in California struggled for 12 minutes to find a vein in which he could inject murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams with a lethal does of poison

15 – Angler Mark Everard caught Britain’s biggest ever minnow – 4.5 inches long and 15g

50 – Former Education Minister Stephen Twigg was fined £50 for being “drunk and incapable in a public place’

74 – Beleaguered Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson stormed out of a press conference after just 74 seconds

83 – A computer test on the Mona Lisa by scientists in Amsterdam found her to be 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful and 2% angry

625 – American troops rescued 625 Iraqis from a secret jail. Thirteen had been badly tortured and needed hospital treatment

1,500 – A man in Hong Kong paid £1,500 for a Champions League winner’s medal

4,021 – A survey by a credit car firm found that men spend on average £4,021 a year watching sport (inc. tickets, nights in the pub and Sky telly)

50,000 – Coleen McLoughlin and Wayne Rooney’s new home is being bedecked with a £50,000 display of Christmas lights

550,000 – Department for Constitutional Affairs says 550,000 people living in London who could vote are not registered to do so

4m – Agency doctors and nurses cost the NHS over £4m a year

118m – Revenue from Gatso speed cameras rose to 118m for year 2003-04, up from £10m in 2000-01

130bn – Benefit spending under Labour has risen from £91.8bn when it came to power to £130bn today’

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