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Don’t Mention The War

by | 22nd, December 2005

‘THANKS to the way we teach history in our schools, this summer thousands of our young men and woman will descend on Germany for the World Cup with a deep knowledge of the host land.

Ruddy cramp

As the fans discuss the Concordant of Worms and make brisk pilgrimages to Wittenberg, they will raise a stiff right arm to point to buildings of interest. Some may even stifle a sneeze by placing a finger beneath their nose. Others will develop a cramp in their legs, forcing them to match up and down in a comical fashion, as if possessed by a goose.

But not every one of us is so culturally astute. And the Times hears that many Britishers just associate Germany with Hitler and the Nazis.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority says that pupils on GCSE history course learn little except how Nazi Germany tried to kill and enslave us.

As the QCA say: “There has been a gradual narrowing and ‘Hitlerisation’ of post-14 history.” And this will not do.

Ken Boston, the QCA’s chief executive, wants us to understand more about modern Germany

“The past 60 years have seen great events in Germany — the Cold War, the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, reunification — and great achievements that too few English children are taught,” says he. “Schools in England need to spend time teaching what happened in Germany after 1945.”

So, in the interests of education and to get the ball rolling, we rewind the clock to Stunde Null (zero hour) and see what Germany has brought us since you know who lost the you know what.

Like Nicole coming first in the Eurovision Song Contest with Ein Bisschen Frieden (1982), David Hasselhoff bringing down the Berlin Wall (1989) and England winning the World Cup (2006)…’

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