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Salad Days

by | 3rd, January 2006

‘“WARNING: THIS IS THE TOUGHEST DAY OF 2006.” So say those brainy researchers at a, er, recruitment consultancy.

The Express publishes the consultants’ equation that explains why January 3 is such a dog: “Depleted wallet x three months of sun depravation/excessive alcohol consumption + increased waistline = toughest working day of 2006.”

So there you have it. Today is terrible. It’s Black Tuesday. Best to let the whole thing pass you by in a blur. Or plan your escape.

The Express is not without heart, and having reminded us how “physically drained” we’re feeling and of “the toxins racing through the veins” it leads with the headline: “HOLIDAY PRICE WAR BONANZA.”

This is no war in the sense of an invasion, and staff at Going Places are not now sharpening their staplers and making ready to confront the Thompson’s mob at a shopping precinct near you.

It’s just that travel operators know how awful we’re feeling and think the time is ripe to slash their prices and compete for our patronage.

And why not book a trip? You deserve it. You’ve already re-mortgaged the house to pay for the kids’ Christmas presents and all that tinsel, so why not auction off the rest of the turkey on the internet and book a trip to Agadir.

As the Mail says with customary jingoism (“Sun seekers cash in on package price war”), the depressed can save 25 per cent on a trip to the Moroccan resort.

As an armour-clad spokesman for Thomas Cook explains: “This is the most competitive time of the year for travel companies. People are trying to book their summer holidays so they have something to look forward to.”

Indeed, they are. So we’re off to join the queue at the travel agent’s – and to dream about a depleted wallet, too much sun, excessive alcohol consumption and an increased waistline.

Bon voyage.’

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