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Teenie Poppers

by | 3rd, January 2006

‘WHY did you drink that over Christmas? Because it was cheap? Because it was there? Because the rules of Beer Bungee clearly state (code 7, subsection 153a) that you must?

Or was it because the headshrinkers at the big ad agency told you to?

As the Times reports (“Adverts do make teens drink more, study shows”), advertising works. A study at the University of Connecticut found that Americans between the age of 15 and 26 were heavily under the influence of adverts for booze.

Indeed, the boffins behind this study noted a correlation between the number of alcohol adverts viewed and the number of drinks scarfed – each additional ad led to a 1 per cent rise in the average number of drinks consumed.

Don Shenker, of charity Alcohol Concern, says that the study shows a need for tougher action on alcohol adverts and promotions aimed at young people.

But The Portman Group, the drinks industry-funded body which promotes responsible drinking in the UK, is not so sure.

Over in the Telegraph, a spokesperson for the group says: “The advertising of alcohol in the UK is subject to very strict regulation to ensure it doesn’t appeal to under-18s.’

Quite so. What British teen in their right mind would want to drink Bacardi with an angry looking Vinnie Jones and a load of sweaty and buff Latinos?

What yoof not already off their face would go around saying “Wassup!” to their mates? And what priapic teen ever wants to drink ice cold vodka while staring at models showing their builder’s bums on a construction site?

Thank goodness that with so many addled minds out there, someone’s thinking clearly…’

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