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by | 6th, January 2006

‘EVERY celebrity’s New Year’s resolutions are to be even more fabulous. Teeth will be whiter. Talent will be starrier. Births will be yet more miraculous.

To improve upon what passes for perfection is a challenge that would daunt mere mortals, but it’s all in a day’s work for our celebrities.

But before you can improve, it’s vital to know what you are up against. What are the other celebs doing?

The best way to find out is to hop along to a swanky party. So, courtesy of OK!, we join the great and good at the shindig for Lynn Faulds Woods’ bowel cancer campaign at a club in London’s fabulous, and increasingly pedestrianised, West End.

So here they are, rocking up for a free drink and perchance some nibbles. In no particular order of any great importance, we spot: Big Rother 5’s Michelle Bass, Big Brother 6’s Makosi Musambasi, Big Rother 1’s Darren Ramsay, Big Brother 5’s Vanessa Nimmo, Big Brother 6’s Sam Heuston and Big Rother 6’s Orlaith McAllister.

Memorable faces, we’re sure you’ll agree. And checking them out were Faria Alam, the waiting-to-be-massive Candy Girls pop combo, X Factor’s Steve Brookstein, G4’s Ben Thapa, I’m A Celebrity’s Antony Costa, pig tosser extraordinaire Rebecca Loos and The Cheeky Girls.

Bowel cancer must be all the better for their involvement.’

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