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Bombing In Iraq

by | 9th, January 2006

‘WHEN Prince William graduates from Sandhurst, he’ll be treated no differently to the rest of the Army lads – he’ll be sent into battle dressed in a pair of boots that melt in the heat and equipped with a non-firing gun.

Wills might need to supply his own body armour; but a call to granny should see him kitted out in a pair of the finest greaves, a polished breastplate and the best Lobster-tailed helmet this side of the English Civil War.

Wills is sure to cut quite a dash as he dishes out sweets to local children in Basra.

He’ll also be clearly visible from the air. Problem is the RAF can’t really offer Will and his cohorts the backup they need.

As the Sun reports, it’s not just the Army that doesn’t always have the right gear for the job. The paper says that the RAF’s 12 Tornado GR4 bombers based in Iraq have not dropped a bomb in 15 months.

The RAF does have bombs. They’re just not the right sort of bombs. As the paper says, the RAF boasts 1,000lb monster explosives.

These are terrific at blowing up entire towns in a single drop, but are less than ideal for hitting insurgents with precision.

“We are desperate to do a great job, but haven’t got the right equipment because of budget constraints,” says a source within the RAF.

So it is that while the Americans have made 150 air strikes in the last month alone, the RAF has yet to drop a single bomb.

Although this may soon change. As a Ministry of Defence spokesman tells the Sun: “The purchase of smaller precision-guided bombs is being looked at.”

And in the meantime, the RAF will continue to fly sorties over Iraq and shouting “Bang!” in the approved manner whenever the enemy is sighted…’

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