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Bugging Out

by | 20th, January 2006

‘ANORAK rarely if ever takes sides in the biggest debate of the day, preferring to act as a mere conduit through which you can hear the story, assess the facts and reach your own conclusions.

So it is out of a sense of duty that we cast our eye to the goings on in the Celebrity Big Brother house and hear what scruffy popstar Maggot has to say on the hairy matter of George Galloway.

Having been nominated for eviction by the sitting MP, the Sun hears and notes Maggot’s reaction: “I want to hammer his head into the f****** ground. He is a f****** w*****.”

As we say, we just relay the facts and afford you the time to mull them over, and work out if you agree or disagree with the Welsh rapper…

We could not possibly comment…’

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