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The Bum’s Rushes

by | 27th, January 2006

‘ASK any teenage boy or computer game enthusiast living with his folks and he’ll tell you that the best scene in Pretty Woman is the opening one where Julia Roberts is sliding on leather boots and stockings.

Bend It Like Beckham – the pre sack, back and crack years

After that opening thrill, the film is pretty slim on ‘good bits’.

Other films offer similar segments that cater for this niche teen-nerd demographic. And giving them what they want is an industry within an industry.

There are a whole host of actors who specialise in such work.

Julia Roberts may have the looks and the legs, but for that Pretty Woman scene she was played by Shelley Michelle.

Shelley also tells the Enquirer that she played Kim Basinger’s legs in My Stepmother Is An Alien, ran along a beach a la Candice Bergen in the movie Mary & Jane, and was “on hold” for Sharon Stone’s parts in Basic Instinct.

Shelly looks good for 43, but there’s a new girl in town. She’s called Taryn Myers, and she’s just played Keira Knightley’s backside in the movie Domino.

Apparently, Keira is comfortably with the top half of her body but feel self-conscious about the lower regions. So Taryn was called in to save Keria’s ass – and cinema goers from seeing it…’

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