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by | 31st, January 2006

‘“I WAS terrified of him at first. He was this huge camp queen, with all the hair and make-up. But he has a very funny wit.” Not to mention that fur coat.

And so it is that Michael Barrymore gives the Sun his take on Pete Burns. Although the Celebrity Big Brother runner-up might just as easily be commenting on someone else – someone, say, called Camilla.

Just as Burns caused outrage when he was seen wearing the remains of a dead ape on his back, the Duchess of Cornwall is embroiled in a storm over her choice of clothing.

There’s a picture of Camilla on the Mail’s cover (“Camilla and a fur furore”) and the story inside the paper of how Camilla attended a public tree-planting ceremony clad in a scarf made of rabbit fur.

Some of you might see this as no big deal. We eat rabbits. There are lots and lots of rabbits. So why not find a use for rabbits and inedible rabbit leftovers.

Might it even be that the rabbits used in Camilla’s scarf happily laid down their lives to keep the throat of our future regent’s wife snug and warm?

But Anita Singh, spokesman for animal rights campaigners People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), is shaken to the core. “It’s very surprising and shocking that she should choose to wear fur,” says Singh, who seems less than au fait with the miles of ermine that often swaddle our royals.

Singh goes on: “She is flying in the face of public opinion which is overwhelmingly opposed to the breeding of animals for the fur trade.”

Is it? Are we the public all shocked and appalled? When was the last time you were asked what your views were on farming animals for their fur?

And, in any case, how does Peta know where Camilla’s scarf has come from? As we said earlier, might this garment be the by-product of a meaty lunch. And, if so, is this not an example of recycling in action? Look out for Camilla wearing empty yoghurt pots as earrings and fashioning old milk bottle tops into a new eco-friendly crown.

And look out for her wearing socks made from the skin of animal right campaigners who have strayed onto her land…’

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