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Dolly Di

by | 1st, February 2006

‘SHE’S alive! Oh, Heaven be praised! The Princess of all our hearts is among us once again.

‘You can never be too thin’

Here she is now. Come on, Di, surely you have a few words for your legion of fans. Tell us what life was like upstairs on the fabled 6th floor of Harvey Nichols.

‘I sit here in sadness,’ says Di somewhat oddly – she is standing to her full 12 inches. “I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts.’

Oh, that you would be. But what then would become of Camilla? Di would no more usurp Camilla’s position than she would skin wife No.2 and wear her for a scarf.

Dressed in a white skirt and jacket, Di might not ever get to rule, but she can take pride of place in our hearts, on our mantelpieces and atop that shrine so many of us created in our smallest rooms.

And this ‘action figure’ – swimmer, shopper, gym junkie – is every inch as real as Di was. Unlike big Di, little Di speaks 25 ‘historic’ phrases, according to the manufacturer, Texas-based Time Capsule Toys.

At the press of button Di says: ‘There’s far too much about me in the newspapers, far too much’; ‘I want to do good things”; and “I wanted to teach children.”

This toy Di is positively gushing. She just can’t stop. Here she goes again: ‘I don’t sit here with resentment. I sit here with sadness.’

As do we all – albeit surrounded by our Princess Di margarine tubs; Princess Beanie Baby – a purple bear with a rose on its chest; Diana, England’s Rose Diamond Pendant; Diana, Queen of Hearts Jewelled Tribute Ring; Circle of Tears bath plug; Princess Diana Candle In The Wind scented candle; Princess Diana enamelled tooth and…’

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