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The Hooligan Element

by | 6th, February 2006

‘SWAP the black and white chequered scarves for brown and red ones. Replace the black bandanas with Burberry baseball caps. Alter the slogan from “MASSACRE THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” to “NO SURRENDER TO THE IRA” and the young male thugs who laughably operate in the name of Islam look like young male football hooligans.

‘You’re not prayin’ any more’

As such, the Guardian says that the protestors who carried placards threatening death to, well, anyone not exactly like them as they screamed and shouted outside the Danish embassy in London, are to be investigated by Scotland Yard.

David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, wants the protestors to be dealt with. “Some of these placards are incitement to violence, and indeed violence to murder,” says he. He recommends ‘a no tolerance’ approach to these Muslim hooligans.

(So far, the police have only arrested two counter-demonstrators, who were apparently attempting to hand out caricatures of Mohammed. Both were released without charge.)

And it’s not just Tory MPs who want action. Inayat Bunglawala, a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, wants the hooligan element dealt with.

Says he in the Telegraph: “I think people will understand that the police did not step in to make matters worse and were waiting for a more propitious time to charge these people. Most Muslims feel enormous distress and anguish at what has occurred. There will be no sympathy for [the extremists] when they are charged by the police.’

While some elements of the tabloid press criticise the police for not doing more, surely allowing the extremists to have their moment is wise.

As the Independent says: “To have pulled people out of the crowd could have inflamed passions further. It would also have required the police to make snap judgements about which slogans might be unlawful and which the exercise of free speech.”

And the police are not all that good at making snap judgements. In the pursuit of victim status, a few wrongful arrests would have surely delighted the militants.

Best to wait. The extremists have shown their hand. They must not be allowed to escape the law of the land. Law-abiding Muslims should shun them. The courts should deal with them…’

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