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Round ‘Em Up

by | 7th, February 2006

‘THE Sun says that Tony Blair has issued a “go get ‘em” order to the police. “Blair tells cops to round up riot louts,” runs the paper’s headline.

Day 2: Deep undercover, PC Smythe wonders what to do next

But once the posse has been formed, and the Muslim fundamentalist varmint corralled into a prison (has George Bush turned us all into cowboys?), what will we do with them?

This is, of course, just Blair looking tough after the protestors have dispersed. Why would the police nick them now? And what would they nick them for?

There may well be, as the paper says, “fury” over the police’s failure to arrest any of the “hate mob” at the scene, but might that be because the boys in blue were unsure what law the demonstrators were breaking?

If so, what has occurred between then and now to clarify the law? Throw the book at ‘em, says Blair. But what book? The one that talks about freedom of speech? Or some other tome? And, don’t throw the Koran – that will only lead to more trouble.

Helpfully, Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, is on hand to give direction.

“If the police conclude there have been breeches of the law and decide to take any action, we would, of course, support them.”

Which suggests that the decision to “go get ‘em” rests not with gung-ho Blair, as the Sun says, but with the police. And they don’t seem to know what to do…’

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