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Tin Anniversary

by | 8th, February 2006

‘THE crabsticks had gone the way of the celebration spam and tapioca wedding cake, but Les Lailey had kept the best til last.

Les shows off Beryl’s new bling

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of his wedding to the lovely Beryl, Les had laid on something special. He had waited. He had remained strong. He had not yielded to temptation. And finally the moment had arrived.

This was his golden anniversary. The occasion demanded something special. As the Sun reports, Beryl was treated to the sight of her husband tucking into a tin of meat they’d been given as a wedding present way back in 1956.

Romantic to the core of his being, Les had secreted his can of Buxted Whole Cooled Chicken in Jelly. And now, as the Mail reports, he prized it open and tucked in.

Served a la mode (unheated with some boiled veg), Les ate the lot. Beryl, doubtless choked by the gesture and sick with love, had lost her appetite. She was happy to see her husband risk food poisoning in the name of love.

“I have not felt funny at all,” says Les, speaking from his home in Denton, Greater Manchester, “but I’m more of a beef man than a chicken man. Now I’m going to save the empty tin as a keepsake.”

Or a timeless piece of jewellery, as Beryl knows it to be..’

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