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Heroin & Villain

by | 9th, February 2006

‘IT’S hard to know what will happen when a double act splits up. Do both halves of the once perfect whole make a beeline for daytime TV, before gently sliding into obscurity and walk-on parts in The Bill?

‘And now open your right hand, sir’

Or does one half shine, going onto ever brighter stardom, leaving the ex-partner on the fringes of showbiz, as directionless as the back of a pantomime horse?

Happily, we can say that Kate Moss and Peter Doherty are both doing fine. Though no longer an item, both the model and the singer are holding their own.

Moss, as we’ve already noted, has been jetting round the world, staying in swanky rehab resorts in the US, talking to interested police in London and laying low in chic France. She remains every inch the international star.

And Doherty has been doing what he arguably does best – being what the Mirror calls a “junkie rocker” and getting nicked for possessing heroin, cocaine, crack and cannabis.

That’s quite some drugs haul. And although it keeps Doherty in the news, we worry that he may have peaked too soon. Better, perhaps, had he staggered the drugs over a few stories?

After so big a splash, and stash, we wonder where Doherty goes next? What can keep him high in the public eye? Are their any more drugs left to do?

Of course, there’s always prison. A stint of bird is always good news fodder. But if Doherty is to become the latest celebrity lag, he needs to try harder.

As the Sun says (“Potty Peter let off with smack on bottom”), Doherty has just walked free from Ealing Magistrates’ Court in West London.

Up before the Beak on seven counts of possessing drugs, the Sun says Doherty was looking at a seven-year stretch. The paper notes how Doherty looked “bleary-eyed and disorientated” as he pleaded guilty to all charges against him.

The Beaks mulled things over and sentenced Doherty to a year of rehabilitation and ordered that he pay £129 costs.

Which means Doherty is at large. He’s free to feature in the Mail about an “outcry” over his release. And to appear in the Star, where he’s pictured giving a big thumbs up to his fans.

He’s also free to appear on Radio 1 and explain all. “As far as drugs are concerned it’s difficult,” says Doherty, the man the Sun calls a “heroin addict”. “But I’d rather be outside with no smack than inside prison with no smack. I want to keep off crack and heroin.”

We hope he manages to kick his habit. But, we fear, that without it, Doherty will lose his appeal. No Moss. No drugs. No more Pete Doherty…’

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