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One Love

by | 10th, February 2006

‘IT’S the kind of story that shines a painfully bright light on what life is like in modern Britain.

The sudden arrival of his mum made Lee realise why it was called a laptop

The Sun brings news that the NHS has opened up a website giving internet users advice on “SOLO SEX”.

Extolling the virtues of onanism on the World Wide Web is akin to preaching to the converted. The web, as the Press are wont to tell us, is a sink of depravity.

But there it is. And for the information of curious Sun readers, the site offers tips on how to exercise the “pleasure muscles” and what to do when you have some “me time”.

“For men going solo is a great way to control orgasm while women who have difficulty reaching orgasm swear by it,” says the NHS sagely.

But while the medical profession turns from Dr Kildare to Dr Ruth for love tips, the Mail tells us that flying solo may be the wisest thing to do.

Hold onto something sturdy kids and know that “intimate kissing with multiple partners almost quadruples a teenager’s risk of developing meningitis”. Kissing can kill you.

Kissing with tongues enables the potentially deadly meningococcal bacteria to pass between partners. And, before you worry yourself sick, the Australian researchers who conducted this study define multiple partners as up to seven in a fortnight.

Is seven a lot? It sounds excessive, especially to you’re an internet enthusiasts. Best stick to one…’

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