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Cupid’s Cups Of Love

by | 14th, February 2006

‘EVER the romantic, you’ve thought long and hard about how you’ll show your love for that special someone.

Will you get them a huge teddy bear? What about a pair of nylon knickers wrapped around a single, odourless, freeze-dried rose? Or a balloon?

Or two balloons. That’s what the Sun says Alex Bailey has got his girlfriend, “sexy” Susie Cowan. As a sign of just how much he loves her, Alex has splashed out £3,000 on a set of falsies.

“He’ll feel the benefits of this present more than a diamond ring,” says Susie (34A). “It’s something we’ll both enjoy.”

For sure. What could be more enjoyable that jetting off to snow-dappled Prague where Susie will be laid out on an operating room gurney, knocked out by powerful drugs, sliced open and have bags inserted into her chest cavity? Call us old fashioned fuddy-duddies but we’ll take the ring, if it’s all the same.

Susie, though, is delighted with her gift, even if she’ll probably be too sore and loved-up to pay much attention to the Mirror’s advice on how to “Have your BEST SEX ever..tonight!”

Tips include: “Plan a hot date; put stress on hold; get the blood pumping; have a couple of dinks; try something different; and play a game.”

Or put the Ludo away and stay in with the missus. That’s a joke. As her indoors knows, nothing makes a man appear more sexy to a women that a good gag.

What sexy Bernard Manning taught us, science now confirms. As the Express says, researchers in the United States have found that women prefer the funny man over the serious.

So, come on lads, get those novelty posing pouches on. You can’t fail…’

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