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Hospital Job

by | 15th, February 2006

‘NOT a day passes without Britney Spears being involved in some kind of drama.

Having survived spots, fame, more spots and husband Kevin’s wispy beard and vest, Spears has been hit by another awful ordeal.

As the Star reports (“POOPS! HE DID IT AGAIN”), Britney has had cause to rush her son, the affable Sean Preston, to the Malibu Urgent Care Centre, Los Angeles.

Whether Sean was sat on Britney’s tight-and-not-in-the-least-bit-plump lap in the front seat of her SUV or secured in a child harness in the back is not reported. All we know is that when Sean went red in the face and would not stop crying, Britney reacted with frightening speed.

Having raced him to the clinic, Britney clutched her boy in her arms and sought out medical experts. Looking “flustered and flushed” she ran inside the emergency clinic.

What was wrong? What could it be? The Sun hears sources say that Sean might be ill. But the Star knows all. It hears a nurse explain: “It seems he was just straining to fill his diaper.” Sean was constipated.

Hard to believe, we know. But it is, apparently, true – Sean still does his own poos.

However, what with this being Hollywood, we trust that in the fullness of time, staff can be found to perform this onerous task on his behalf…’

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