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Princess Of Pop Tarts

by | 17th, February 2006

‘THE blonde hair. The wayward husband. The weight issues. There is just no getting away from it – Britney Spears and Princess Diana are hewn from the same mould.

And it’s something that not only we have noticed. As the Star reports, Britney has compared herself to the immortal Princess of Hearts.

Speaking of how she and son Preston are always trying to avoid unwelcome attention, Britney says: “I don’t really go out with him, and it’s kind of sad because I can’t walk down the street with the stroller.”

Indeed, Britney can’t even sit the boy on her lap as she drives home without some child safety wonk questioning her mothering skills.

But we move on to the chase. And the line the runs: “This is how Princess Diana got killed.”

It is? Is Britney saying that had Di been out pushing Wills in a buggy around, say, the gilded halls of London’s Harvey Nichols department store, rather than taking a chauffeured car ride through Paris, she would be alive today?

Is Britney positing the view that unless she is left alone, she too might well perish in some hideous automobile accident?

Is Britney, metaphorically speaking, standing at the top of the stairs, eyeing the fast way down?

We hope not. And urge Britney to reconsider? And to install a lift…’

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