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Hanging Up On You

by | 27th, February 2006

‘“INSIDE MADDONNA AND GUY’S MARRIAGE,” announces the front page of Hello!. This is the inside skinny “BY THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW.”

Could anything come between them?

And who knows better about the Madonna-Ritchies than sources, insiders and people close to the seat of power?

Hello! has skilfully realised that Guy Ritchie and Madonna are too close to their own marriage to be able to knowingly comment on it.

Their life is like one of those magic eyes pictures – a blissful jumble of colours and dreamy patterns when viewed close up but a representation of something quite different when viewed from afar.

And the image we have is one of rows, dark looks and Madonna not wearing her wedding ring.

As a source says, the couple are going through a “rough patch”. The source goes on: “The problems have to do with her career, her drive. She wants to do another tour this summer. He’s against it.”

What to do? Hello! opens up its marriage guidance bureau and weighs up the pros and cons. Does she need another tour, when it causes so much strife? “For her, the answer is, unequivocally, yes,” says Hello!.

So, it’s on with the show? “Of course, Guy will go with her,” says a “relative” (of whom is not specified). “…But if Guy was totally against it, she would never do it.”

But we thought he was against it? A source told us so. So who is right: the source or the relative?

Perhaps we should ask the Ritchies what they think. But we’re not sure Hello! can get close enough to pose the question…’

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