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To Big C Or Not To Big C

by | 26th, February 2006


A selection of things that will kill you and yours from this week’s paper of doom…


“DON’T PANIC – Bird flu at our door. Hotlines swamped. But minister says: We’re prepared. (Now isn’t that what they said about foot-and-mouth?”)

“’Real’ models make women feel bad about their bodies” – Journal of Consumer Research says looking at normal bodies is depressing

“THE MIDDLE –CLASS MONSTERS – Their foul-mouthed yobbery on Brat Camp makes disturbing TV. But as the 3,000 applicants to the programme reveal, these teens merely represent the top of a terrifying iceberg”

“Crisis in the garden as vanishing moths hit bird population” – Moths side with humans in the war with the birds


“ONE IN TEN PATIENTS CATCHES AN INFECTION IN HOSPITAL” – So says a report from the British Medical Association

“Anne Diamond’s gastric band has inspired many other women to think it’s an easy solution to their weight problem. But as this special investigation reveals, such operations can come at a terrible price”

“My husband went into hospital for routine surgery. Days later he was dead from a superbug”

“Seven in ten crooks uses cannabis every day” – So says Youth Justice Board. Does smoking the Class C drug make you burgle houses?


“THIS SEPTIC ISLE – Drowned in a cocktail of pesticides, the pursuit of limitless, cheap crops has turned our gloriously fertile farmland into a chemical wasteland”

“CAW BLIMEY! Legend has it that if they leave the Tower of London, Britain will fall. But this week, bird flu has finally seen the ravens – who even Hitler couldn’t knock off their perch – banished. So are well all doomed?”


“53pc kept waiting too long for radiotherapy” – Survey by Royal College of Radiologists says over half of cancer patients wait over the four-week limit for treatment

“Was Shakespeare killed by cancer?” – Bard’s death mask show signs of a possible tumour


“LET OLD FOLK DIE IN CARE” – Doctors from Cambridge and Nottingham Universities argue that elderly people who suffer cardiac arrest in rest homes should not automatically be resuscitated

“Superbug deaths soar 22pc despite hospitals ‘clean up’” – MRSA on the rise

“DUPED OUT OF MOTHERHOOD – In a heartbreakingly honest confession, an author describes her bitter realisation, at nearly 40, that she’ll never be a mother. And reveals her fury over succumbing to the modern mantra that a career and casual sex were her rights as a woman – and that children are for drudges” – Kate Mulvey gets things off her chest

“More women delay first baby until their 40s” – It might not be too late for Kate Mulvey after all!

“Drought Doomsday – Millions face water cuts as supplies hit crisis levels” – “Butterflies are put at risks by drought”’

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