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Live & Let Cry

by | 28th, February 2006

‘DRUMMING up interest in the tired and trite James Bond franchise is no easy matter.

In an age of special effects and video games, when people can take pictures with their pocket phones and travel to chic Monte Carlo and the French Riviera on a day-glo orange easyCruise boat, Bond no longer represents the apogee of unattainable cool.

So what about trying new a tack? What about making Bond into a lovable loser? Rather than always looking great and winning, what if Bond has a craggy face and a skin condition?

What if Bond was Daniel Craig? He’s the new Bond and the Sun says he’s been hit by a bout of prickly heat. Before filming in the Bahamas, pale Craig thought it a good idea to top up his tan. Now he’s “James Burned” and the Sun says he can’t stop itching.

“He has been moaning to his assistants that he’s got prickly heat,” says a source. “He is extremely wary of being outside now.”

And there’s more. The paper says that two weeks ago, two of Craig’s teeth were knocked out during the filming of a fight scene in Prague.

What’s more, speedboats make him feel queasy. He doesn’t like guns. And he can’t drive the Aston Martin car he’s been given because he can only drive an automatic.

And then there are those Bond gadgets. The Star says then when it comes to Diva demands, Craig likes wet wipes, baby lotion and nail files.

It might not save the world – but it may yet save Bond…’

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