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The Glasses Are Full

by | 28th, February 2006

‘YOU want the skinny on the celebs? You want the word on what they are really like when the cameras have stopped rolling?

Richie’s eyes are bigger than her stomach

You want the snide remarks and the dirt? Sure you do. We know your type. Well, enough. We want you to know that there is good news in the Hollywood Hills. You want the good news? You can’t handle good news.

You wanna try. OK. Here it is: Nicole Richie has put on 3lbs this year!

That’s the kind of news we enjoy hearing. It’s the sort of story that commands the Enquirer’s full attention. It’s a thing of rare wonder.

Cynics might well point out that pencil-thin Richie’s sudden weight gain may be down to her trademark sunglasses. Weighed without her enormous frames, Richie tips the scales at 90lbs. Stick on those shades and – hey presto! – she’s back to her “curvy” 125lbs.

And then there is that sandwich. The Enquirer has the photographic proof that Richie has recently been seen in the company of a “giant, fattening sandwich”.

The story goes that she is eating other “food” as well. Dad Lionel Richie was, apparently, so appalled at seeing shots of his lollipop-shaped daughter that he placed her on a high-protein diet, featuring health shakes blended with protein power supplement.

The goal is to get Richie up to the 100lbs mark, and we are sure that with dad’s encouragement and the world watching what she eats, she will manage it – glasses or no glasses…’

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