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Fur Queen & Country

by | 2nd, March 2006

‘THE camera does not lie. That really is Her Majesty the Queen kissing and allowing herself to be kissed by her daughter-in-law, Camilla.

‘That’s another thing your mum does better than you’

Granted, this is no full on pash, it being one of those airy kisses enjoyed by people in society and heavy make-up. But there is physical contact, and, as the Mail is right to say, such an act signals a new warmth between the two women.

The Mail, which knows about such matters, says the pair have only ever been seen exchanging formal hellos. The Queen even chose not to embrace her son’s second wife, and former mistress, after Camilla’s civil wedding to Prince Charles.

This is a momentous moment in the lives of two people who were once, in the Express’s words, “implacable opponents engaged in a bitter behind-the-scenes war of words”.

Look on in wonder then as the Mail and Express each relive the kiss over two large pictures. See Her Majesty moving in for the kill. Gasp as the Queen makes her strike.

It is heartening stuff. But we can’t help but wonder what sparked this sudden defrosting of relations?

And, looking for clues, we arrive at the Sun. There’s the Queen. There’s the kiss. And there’s the news that for the occasion Liz wore a tangerine jacket with fur lapels.

Yes, fur, of the type worn by rabbits, and Camilla at a tree-planting ceremony in January. Could fur be the common bond that has united the duo?

If true, it is indeed tragic that so many animals needed to die for two women to kiss and make up. But we are sure the furry creatures would have gladly given up their lives for so noble a cause…’

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