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Peter Impefect

by | 2nd, March 2006

‘NOT too far back in the smoky mists of time, Peter Doherty and Kate Moss seemed to have it all. Then the cops came and seized some of it. The rest is so much painful history and rehab.

Crash and burn

Now separated, the pair have lost in love but are keen to hang on to what it was that made them famous. So Kate is being photographed wearing clothes and Pete is being photographed by traffic cameras and the police.

Earlier this week, we read that Doherty had been arrested on suspicion of being in possession of Class A drugs and a stolen car.

Today, the Sun hears a source say that Doherty is being given counselling for manic depression. Any fans who want to check up on Doherty’s progress can catch his performances at Homerton Hospital, East London, where he is said to be making regular visits.

And while Doherty’s indoors talking about his condition, he’s not outdoors getting up to no good. It’s in keeping with the Sun’s “Get Pete off the Street” campaign, launched to get the singer locked up and helped.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of a national newspaper calling for a mentally disturbed 27-year-old to be incarcerated – a “pal” says Doherty’s problems are rooted in his relationship with his strict Army major father – the Sun should consider the fact that a jailed Doherty is a Doherty who can no longer populate their news pages.

The press need their celebrity fodder, especially when, as the Star reports, Kate Moss is off. The Star was at Heathrow Airport to hear the model tell reporters and snappers: “I will not be back.”

As Moss’s words punctured the air, the Star could hear the “sound of photographers weeping”. Their only hope is that Moss was joking.

As a source says: “Sure Kate’s got a wicked sense of humour but she’s thinking of moving to America permanently for a while.”

Ah, yes, the old permanently for a while move, eh. How long is that then? We are not sure. But reading between the lines and jumbling up the words a little, we consider it likely that Moss will be back – although she will not be back with Doherty…’

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