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A Perfect 10

by | 6th, March 2006

‘WHEN Victoria Beckham opens her mouth, small children believe they can make it as pop stars and dogs come to heel.

But Vicky is not singing. Today, Vicky is talking. And she is talking fashion.

In a conversation with Glamour magazine, Vicky steps down from the mountain and delivers what the Mail calls “My 10 style commandments”.

Follow these rules and you too can be as Posh, no longer wandering the fashion wilderness but heading for the Promised Land – Japan, “because they make everything in tiny sizes”.

So pay attention and listen to what the Mirror calls “THE WORD OF POSH”.

1. Visualise Your Overall Look. Posh wakes up, considers the look she is aiming for and pulls the pieces together. No more getting dressed in the dark. Right, girls.

2. Shop The World. Buy things in different countries. Don’t go to George at Asda, go to Gaston in Paris. Go on, break the habit.

3. Borrow From Another Era. Take inspiration from another decade. Dig out the marble denim and shoulder pads.

4. Invest In Timeless Classics. “Buy classics that will never date,” says Posh. Like trousers. And socks.

5. Find A Fashion Fail-Safe. Have something at home that always makes you look better. Posh has David Beckham and Stella McCartney jumper dresses.

6. Accessories Are Necessities. Posh loves Dior sunglasses. They cover most of her face. They are great.

7. Dress From The Inside Out. “You’re either a girl who always wears a matching bra and knickers or you’re not.” Posh is not. Well, Day-vid might have already nabbed the kickers.

8. Be Brave And Customise. Posh wears Gap T-shirts inside out. (See Rule 1 about getting dressed in the dark.)

9. Trust A Few Faithful Opinions. “I go with my own instincts when is comes to fashion,” says Posh. So now we know who to blame.

10. Classic Style Must-Dos. “If you’re revealing lots of cleavage, you should have your legs hidden…Don’t let it all hang out. It’s must sexier to leave a little to the imagination.” For sure. If you doubt that, check out those countless shots of Posh is dresses slashed to the naval, low-cut tops and mini-skirts.


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