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Friends In High Places

by | 8th, March 2006

‘MODEL booker Gavin Maselle’s incredible tales of models taking drugs and having parties have reached the highest echelons of power.

Pete Doherty

Having heard Maselle’s repeated claims that Kate Moss snorted cocaine in his South African mansion – this is Day Three of the Sun’s “amazing” Cocaine Kate “revelations” – Nelson Mandela breaks his silence.

A spokesman for the former leader says of his boss: “He didn’t realise Kate was drugged up.” He continues: “We hope with the help of family and friends, she’ll be able to get rid of this deadly habit.”

And Moss has friends, lots of them. One of them is called Gavin Maselle. And he’s been helping Moss confront her past by telling the Sun all about it. His is a task that deserves our praise and the model’s sincerest thanks.

But there is more to Maselle than just telling anyone and everyone about his famous pal. Today Kate’s mate tells the Sun about the married Hollywood heartthrob who “came on” to him one night.

Maselle was dumbstruck when this hunk followed him into the gents at Kabaret, a London club. “He did a line of cocaine then brushed up against me and ran his hands up and down my back…I got out of there in shock and just ran to the dance floor.”

But that was not the end of it. The “A-list Hollywood husband” gave chase. “He caressed my back and felt my a**e. I was frozen with shock,” adds Maselle.

Thankfully, Maselle has thawed out sufficiently to relive this ordeal in the national press. But he is still unable to deliver the name of this wayward star.

Which encourages us to wonder who this mystery man is – and what Nelson Mandela makes of it all…’

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