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by | 13th, March 2006

‘HANG a tailor’s dummy from a lamppost, lock up your knickers and book a hose at your colonic irrigationist’s – Posh and Becks are coming home to Blighty.

It’s au revoir to Madrid

That’s the story in the Star, where readers learn that the Beckhams view a return from Madrid as the best way to save their faltering marriage.

The paper hears from friends of the couple who say the Beckhams are rowing all the time. Says a source: “If they stay in Spain, it seems things will just keep on getting worse between them.”

So they are coming back. And that means getting their Beckingham Palace mansion in Hertfordshire up to scratch.

The Mail looks on as the couple spend £500,000 on a 30-acre slab of pasture land adjoining their sprawling pad.

The pair were, apparently, worried that anyone could wander onto the land and peer into the Beckham garden. So they bought the pasture and have erected a 10ft barbed-wire-rimmed metal fence along its perimeter and two padlocked gates.

No longer can hikers, who had been using the land, gaze at the Beckhams going about their lives – although, unless the fence is soundproofed, neighbours might still be able to hear the couple arguing…’

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