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True Bluebloods

by | 13th, March 2006

‘SHE made it through the wilderness, somehow she made it through, and Camilla Parker Bowles was born anew.

‘Hurry up, Charles!’

Charles’s love thawed out; his love thawed out what was scared and cold.

And now, married to the heir to the throne, we read in the Star that Camilla is related to another royal – Madonna, the Queen of Pop.

Family trees have been climbed, and genealogist William Addam Reitwiesner says Camilla and Madonna are both descended from Zacharie Cloutier (1617-1708).

The Star notes that Charles spotted the family resemblance between his wife and the singer when Madonna lunched at Highgrove a few years ago.

Says the source: “He said she reminded him of Camilla because they’re both very particular about their home décor.”

Whether or not this is one of Charles’ euphemisms, a wry comment on the women who can sexualise anything from leg warmers to a tampon, is unsaid and not touched upon.

But we do hear that Camilla’s rock family also includes another popstar relative. Thanks to one Jean Guyon (1619-1694), Camilla is related to Celine Dion, the French Canadian chanteuse who croons about sinking ships.

With so much stardust being sprinkled about, Camilla should take care that it doesn’t go to her head. But we fear it is already too late.

Just like her famous relatives, Camilla can play the demanding diva and, as the Mail reports, spends up to £3,000 a month on her hair.

Apparently, stylist to the stars Hugh Green is the only man Camilla trusts on her tresses. And when she needs him, Green pops over from his Belgravia salon to tease and trim.

The paper says Charles is appalled at the cost, which he funds. And a “courtier” tells the Mail that the only other member of the Royal Family with a hairdresser on standby is the Queen. “The rest do it themselves,” says he.

This is hardly news by which to damn Camilla, given that the other Windsors are a composite mix of pudding bowls, comb-overs, deserts and helmets.

And unrelated to pop’s great and good…’

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