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Getting It Up

by | 17th, March 2006

‘HE wears it well, a little old fashioned but that was all right. Rod Stewart can get away with having erect hair. He is a rock star, and he can father a child in his sixties.

It’s amazing he ever reached that high

But something has changed. As the Mail shows in a shocking photograph, Rod has changed his hairstyle for the first time in living memory. Gone are the spikes, replaced by a shaggy perm of the type that sits atop Anthea Turner’s bouncy head and once kept warm on Ian Botham.

Rod looks changed. He looks like his lover, Penny Lancaster. Accompanying the picture of Rod’s limp locks is a shot of Penny’s similarly styled mop.

The Mail notes the likeness, and suggests that it is Penny who has “tamed” the Stewart locks. These his ‘n’ hers hair-dos do suggest a two-for-one deal at Rod’s favourite Mayfair salon.

But might it be this flat-look Rod is indicative of something else? Is age catching up with Rod the Mod? Can he no longer get it to stay up? Does Viagra come in a gel?’

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