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The Bloody Prince

by | 20th, March 2006

‘YOU know it’s a slow news day when Prince Edward is making headlines.

You don’t get this in a republic

Whereas just seeing Prince William parading in Number 1 Full Ceremonial dress at Sandhurst and later having his hair ruffled by girlfriend Kate Middleton are stories deeply worthy of the Sun’s attention, Eddie, The Weed In Tweed (TWIT), is usually passed over.

So too TWIT’s sister-in-law, the fragrant Camilla. The Mail’s news of her impeding trip to the Middle East, and how she has spent £17,000 on a ‘cover up’ wardrobe, is vital.

And, yes, Camilla is taking along Hugh Green, her favourite crimper. For a reported £4,000 a week, Green will do Camilla’s hair just so, and then tie a scarf over it lest she drive the men and women understandably wild.

Such tales are staples of the daily news agenda, the kind of stuff readers demand to know and newspapers make it their business to cover.

But Eddie? What’s “THE BLOODY PRINCE” been up to? Well, as the Mirror reports, the Queen’s youngest son has been heard swearing on Australian TV.

Before we condemn Eddie for his outburst, and wonder if he will now carve out a niche for himself as Prince Philip’s protégé, we again note that this was Australian TV, a place of hyperbole and raw-tongued enthusiasm.

As the Mail says, the people down there even used the word “bloody” to induce people to visit their sunburnt land. Problem was that when Britain’s television regulators heard the Australian tourist board ask “Where the bloody hell are you?” they baulked. The bloody word was vetoed – it was too fruity for our soft British sensibilities.

But Eddie had already heard it, and, like all small boys wishing to look tough and grown up, couldn’t wait to stick the rude word into his speech.

So, as the Mail says, when during a TV interview Eddie became upset by his private secretary tapping on a laptop computer, he saw he chance to impress and, perhaps, bond with his audience. Said Eddie: “You don’t know how annoying that bloody clicking is over here.”

To which the presenter mumbled: “So it’s OK for royalty, then.”

Yes, it is. This presenter nailed the situation perfectly. Behaving as they wish is what makes Eddie and his kin royalty. Eddie can swear if he wants to.

It gives him the common touch. It might even make him an honorary Australian…’

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