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Black Balled

by | 24th, March 2006

‘ARE you Tiger Woods? What about you? You? You? You? Then who the Hell is that black face on the first tee? Call security.

Golf club releases picture of man seen leaving with precious cup

Such is the cosseted, whites-only image of golf clubs that if you are black and not Tiger Woods, you must be top golfer Vijay Singh or lost.

But things are set to change. As The Independent reports, Peter Dawson, chief executive of the St Andrews-based Royal and Ancient Golf Club, “Britain’s leading golf official”, wants more ethnic types to join golf clubs.

Says Dawson: “This is the challenge for golf; to be more welcoming to these groups, and it is certainly an area where the game could grow.’

Jaz Athwal, chairman of the UK Asian Open Golf Society, agrees. ‘I don’t know what they’re scared of. We pay full green fees and everything,” he says. “I don’t know if they think we’re going to run off with the holes or there’ll be a corner shop on every tee.’

He goes on: ‘When we actually arrive you can see the pro or the secretary flicking through the book and thinking, ‘Well, nobody’s ordered a taxi and nobody’s ordered a takeaway, so why have these guys turned up?’ ‘

Well, as Athwal says, the non-whites are here to steal the holes and develop that dog-leg on the 13th into parade of shops. Or star in an advert with Tiger Woods…’

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