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Eviction Notice

by | 27th, March 2006

‘REMEMBER Makosi? She was the Zimbabwe-born strumpet who paraded acres of quivering flash on Big Brother. She claimed political asylum. She talked about herself in the third person.

We’ve seen enough

Well, the Star reports that Makosi Musambasi is in trouble. As the headline says: “VICE GIRL MAKOSI TO BE DEPORTED.” Indeed, she is at the “very top” of the Home Office’s deportation list.

When we first saw Makosi, we were told that she was a cardiac nurse. Now we hear she is a hooker, who has charged £1,500-a-night for sex. Of course, the two careers are not mutually exclusive, but until three-in-a-bed “romps” form part of patient care, such things are frowned upon.

And the plot thickens. Makosi has confessed to receiving £3,000 to have sex with a “well-known TV presenter”.

Who this person is cannot be revealed for something the Star calls “legal reasons”. This is a shame. If Makosi is skint, as the paper says she is, surely she could boost her bank balance by telling us the name of her celebrity client.

So let us hear what Makosi has to say. “I felt so dirty I went home and cried,” says she. “I was desperate. I am not proud of it and I won’t do it again.”

Not proud of it? So why speak to the papers? Makosi is not one to keep anything dignified, let alone a silence, and it can only be a matter of time before this celebrity is unveiled…’

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