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Raving Mad

by | 5th, April 2006

‘EXPERIMENTING with drugs is not clever. And we are not just talking about the mystery clubber who tells the world via the Star’s front page: “I TOOK 40,000 ECSTASY TABS…25 pills a day EVERY day.”

At least you don’t look like an elephant any more

As the Star puts it, “E’s crazy”. And nothing like Raste Kahn. Khan was one of the lucky ones who were given placebos in the recent drugs trials of TGN 1412, which left six people in terrible pain and fighting for their lives. One, Ryan Wilson, remains critically ill.

Khan tells the Mail that he is seeking compensation for the trauma. Though not given the drug that turned his fellow guinea pigs into Elephant Men, he could have been, and that is bad enough.

Understandably, Khan has decided never to go back to the clinic in North London. Never again will he allow scientists to test drugs on his body. Problem is that if he doesn’t agree to participate in more tests he will forfeit his £2,000 fee.

Kahn says he has received no communication from Parexel, the US firm that tested the drug on behalf of German developer TeGenerao, other than a telephone message warming him to attend a follow-up test on pain of forgoing his fee.

Should Khan go? Would you go? Or would you need some Dutch courage. Or to have lost your mind on 40,000 es?’

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