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Whimpering Out

by | 6th, April 2006

‘WE have seen Angelina Jolie in her knickers – but we are not sure how often she changes them.

Who wears the pants?

Until such a time when Jolie affords us an insight into this part of her life, we will have to guess. And one insider estimates that the actress changes her underwear less frequently than she changes her mind.

But what could be unhygienic to some is no problem to Jolie, who, as a source tells the Enquirer, is capricious and hard to fathom.

Right now Jolie doesn’t want to get married to Brad Pitt, whose baby she is expecting on May 18. It’s a position that has led to arguments. A source says Jolie has told Pitt that if he keeps pushing her to set a date “it would be over forever”. But it could change. “She could just as easily do an about-face and demand they get married!” says the source.

“Brad worries,” says the insider, “and the more worried he gets, the angrier Angelina gets.” They never discuss anything rationally or calmly.

Sources say she refuses to compromise on anything. “Brad said he once disagreed with her over a political issue, and she went crazy on him! She told him that he’s not smart enough to know when politicians are lying.”

Such is La Jolie affect that while Pitt was “independent and masculine” when he met her, he is now described by one source as being “whining” and possessive.

Another insider tells the magazine that Brad has become “too clingy”. “If he doesn’t chill out, he could risk losing her.”

Or – worse yet – marrying her.’

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