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Oxford Ho!

by | 7th, April 2006

‘STANDARDS. It is all about standards. And we are less then heartened to learn that the president of the Oxford University Boat Club overdid it after his side’s victory in the Boat Race and ended up in choky.

What ho!

“Off His Boat Race,” says the Sun in the vernacular of Cockney rhyming slag, looking on as Barney Williams, 29, is pinched for what he calls “exuberant celebration”.

After his team had won the race, Williams was spotted by CCTV “acting drunkenly” in Oxford. A friend of his is filmed urinating in a bin. Williams – a law student – is caught on camera “vandalising” a bike. The Mirror says Williams threw objects onto the road.

Both urinator and vandal were arrested and spent the night in the clinker. And Williams was presented with a £80 fixed penalty notice.

Williams has now apologised. He thanks the local constabulary for ensuing that he and his pal ended up in a safer place than the side of the road, and regrets that in dealing with them, Bosher Street’s finest were unable “to provide protection for others who may have needed it more”.

In keeping with this story, which seems plucked from the pages of Bertie Wooster’s memoirs, Williams might have added a “Forsooth!”. Before returning home to wife Buffy and son Tarvin…’

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