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Undress To Impress

by | 10th, April 2006

‘PHWAOOR! Show us yer knickers, darlin’. Oops! Prince Harry should take care. That’s no lithe legged lovely – that’s his dad celebrating his first anniversary to the lovely Camilla by stepping out in a kilt.

Harry – torn off a strip

Like a pair of models in a mail order catalogue for outward bound gear, the Sun shows Charles and Camilla in his ‘n’ hers kilts. They are visiting a church near to their Scottish retreat at Birkhall, and they are dressed the same.

And what the happy couple are retreating from can be seen in the Star. There’s a shot of young Prince Harry, topless and tattooed in the manner of a male stripper.

Having been carpeted for spending a night out at lap dancing club, where the Sun says he was seen “nuzzling” a buxom Russian stripper (she’s Lithuanian in the Star), Harry needs to make things right with girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

And the plan is for Harry to give Chelsy a lap dance of her very own. When the “fuming” 20-year-old blonde touches down in Blighty to attend Harry’s passing out from Sandhurst, he will enact his cunning plan.

And Harry will not be alone. It seems Harry has formed some of his pals into a group known as Lazin’ Squad – after the Blazin’ Squad rap act – who will support him as he performs a “sexy dance routine”.

And if Harry needs any more tips on how to get his girl hornier than a flame-haired squaddie on leave, he can always consult his stripping acquaintance 32D-sized dancer Mariella Butkute (her real name?).

And we wonder if, like his dad and step-mum, Harry and Ms Butkute could perform a double act in matching outfits…’

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