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by | 12th, April 2006

‘YOU can always spot a newly married couple by they way they carry their his ‘n’ hers yoga mats.


Yoga is a rite of passage for any bright young husband and wife out to prove how very in tune with each other they are. But it rarely if ever lasts.

Just listen to Guy Richie in the Mirror. “I tried yoga for six months and it’s not for me,” says the Mockney star. We’d wager this dalliance with yoga occurred in the early days of his romance with Madonna.

Now, with the couple’s marriage in the downward dog position – yesterday Ritche’s dad John said “It’s the children that are keeping them together” – Ritchie prefers something else.

“I do judo or Brazilian ju-jitsu, where men grapple one another while wearing Speedos in mud,” says he.

A pal of the director’s says Ritchie uses ju-jitsu bouts to unwind, to let off steam and, perhaps, even to release a little pent up sexual energy.

And Madonna is not happy. This pal says that “Madonna complains that he spends every spare second down at the local centre fighting – but he’d never give it up”.

But Ritchie is set to have a break from getting up close and personal with lots of burly men when, as the Star reports, he embarks on a month-long holiday – albeit with that burly, fighting man and “best pal” Jason Statham.

The Star says that Ritchie has asked Statham to accompany him on his trip to Chicago, which begins on March 12. As a source says, Guy is jetting off with Jason to “take out some quality time”. They continue: “They want a real boys’ time of it and will go all out to make sure they have an action-packed holiday.”

It all sounds just great, and not too much unlike the plot for Brokeback Mountain – with wrestling holds…’

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