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Black Arts

by | 14th, April 2006

‘IF it is computer wizardry, airbrushing or some other black art, we cannot say, but there on the cover of Hello! is a shot of Victoria Beckham using skis to, well, ski on.

The black run

There is even a sense of movement created by bits of flurried ice around said skis and a whisp of windblown hair. Rather than standing in some icebound photographers studios, Posh appears to be on an actual piste, on actual snow. But, as we said, black arts and what not.

Inside the magazine, there is another picture of Posh moving on her Chanel skis, dressed in a Chanel suit, sliding down what is very possibly a black ski run formed into two interlocking Cs.

Posh is in the Pyreneen report of Baqueria-Beret, “a favourite with the Spanish royal family”. And Hello! says that, like we supposed, she did make it down a few black runs.

When a mountain doesn’t clash with your outfit, a style conscious girl like Posh cannot fail to succeed.

And after a morning’s skiing, Posh went to a mountain bar for sustenance. There she drank what one eyewitness calls “several glasses of wine”. She slipped into a strappy black top, exposing the jagged peaks of her shoulder blades and breasts to the warm sun.

And in this eatery, wouldn’t you just know it, but Posh bumped into a showbiz chum. It’s TV actor Max Beesley, the onetime lover of ex-Spice Girl Mel B.

It was then back to the slopes. Or was it?’

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