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Wavy Davy

by | 18th, April 2006

‘REMEMBER Lee Davy and Sophie Pritchard? They were the first couple to meet on Big Brother and then get married. Theirs is a cautionary tale for Chantelle and Preston to study, those Big Brother graduates who aim to walk down the aisle in late summer.

Davy’s excited to be divorced

It was all so promising for Lee and Sophie at the start. Boy met camera, met girl, met camera, met Jacuzzi, met camera, met garden, met chickens, met camera.

The pair fell in love, and not just with the cameras but with each other. They married in 2003, inviting the cameras to watch as Lee proposed to Sophie on breakfast telly.

Sophie said yes. The camera shed a tear. And the fitness trainer and the social services employee settled down to a great showbiz life in Leicester.

But things changed. “Cracks were beginning to appear in the couple’s relationship.” These turned into “canyons”. They turned their hands at “building bridges”. But the foundations were rocky. The rift had developed into a chasm and the bridge began to bend under the shear pressure and tension of the widening gulf.

Geographically speaking, the pair were miles apart, although they were close enough to span the divide and conceive a baby. This child is called Max.

He changed everything. Sophie felt lonely during the days when Lee was at work. Lee came home from work and sought company in the telly. Soon they were living separate lives. As Sophie says: “The spark had gone.”

But Lee does think his single life is “quite exciting”. “Now we’ll both be able to do things we never thought we’d be able to do again,” says he.

Very true – he can go out on the pull and Sophie can look for somewhere to live in her native Marlow. And she can take along Max for the adventure…’

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