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Making His Points

by | 19th, April 2006

‘IF it’s not George Michael allegedly driving into cars, it’s Orlando Bloom using his vehicle to knock a scooter rider off his bike.

Bloom spots a jogger

Such antics make us wonder if there is some new game being played by our celebrity elite. Are stars racking up points for hitting a white Peugeot estate (5 points) and knocking scooter riders from their mounts (10 points)? Is driving into a London cab worth more or less than knocking a paparazzo off his ladder? And where do vicars on bicycles fit into the great scheme?

While Anorak launches an investigation into this sick trend, the Sun hears Orlando’s alleged victim, one Slawomir Szydlowski, explain what occurred.

“It’s only good luck that I’m here to tell the tale,” says the swimming instructor. “He can’t have looked in his mirrors. I fell off and hit the ground hard, rolling three times. If there’d been a car coming the other way, I’d be dead.”

The incident is said to have happened on London’s Albert Bridge Road on Monday. Slawomir says that after the collision, in which he suffered internal bleeding, Orlando jumped into the ambulance and handed him a note saying “Sorry mate!”

The star then left. Leaving Slawomir in pain and us to wonder where an ambulance may figure in any game…’

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