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by | 19th, April 2006


Turning her back on the US

Shock of shocks. Not only do we learn that Angelina Jolie, for it is she, sleeps in a bed and not upside down on some homemade gurney but that she prefers to do so alone.

What as happened to split the couple known to the Enquirer as “red-hot” lovers and prompt Hollywood insiders to think that the next stop for this celebrity couple is “Splitsville”?

The magazine tells its readers that before jetting off to Africa, Angelina had banished Brad Pitt to the sofa at their £50,000-a-month Paris apartment.

You’d think for that cash you’d get a flat with a spare room and a bed but it seems not. And Brad is on the sitting-room’s impressive 14-foot couch.

An insider says that this is nothing to do with falling out of lust and everything to do with Angelina’s discomfort brought on by her pregnancy.

But not everyone is convinced. “They could even split before the baby is born,” says a source, who goes on to talk of the couple’s arguments. “The two big issues have been Brad’s desire to return to Los Angeles – and Angelina’s lack of common sense.”

But Angelina’s is not going home anytime soon, having just decamped to Namibia. As the source tells us, she is determined to remain in Europe after the child is born.

And with Brad due back in LA to start filming Ocean’s 13 this summer, something has got to give. If he stays too long on that sofa, Brad’s back might not be the only thing to go…’

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